Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms of the Duchy features the Ancient Serpent, which is both a tribute to the House of Medina Sidonia, the conquerors of Melilla who have seven serpents on their Coat of Arms, and a representation of our belief that the entire human culture and human civilization resulted of the fall of man and are, in a way, a creation of Satan. The Coat of Arms also depicts the Ducal motto Serpens decepit me, Latin for The serpent deceived me, a quote from Genesis signifying the inherent wickedness of all human beings. It is also the Coat of Arms of the Ducal Family.


Ducal Standard
The Ducal Standard is the ceremonial banner of the Ducal Family. It consists of the Coat of Arms in the center framed with four triangles, symbolizing the four borders of the Duchy (two with Spain and two with Morocco). The blue color of the triangles symbolizes the Mediterranean Sea.

National Flag
The National Flag of the Duchy consists of a Coat of Arms on blue background, symbolizing the Mediterranean Sea which bathes the coasts of the Duchy.

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