Q: What is the Duchy of the Two Melillas?
A: A sovereign state located on the previously neutral (i.e. unclaimed) land strips between Morocco and the Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta.

Q: Why Two Melillas? Is one not enough?
A: The Two Melillas are the two land strips we claim: one between Melilla and Morocco, another between Ceuta and Morocco. This is in line with the historic tradition, where Naples was considered “second Sicily” as part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Q: Are you part of Spain?
A: No. The Duchy of the Two Melillas has no connection to the Kingdom of Spain other than sharing a border with it. Likewise, we’re not the government of the Spanish city of Melilla, to which we don’t lay a claim.

Q: Is it legal?
A: Not a single law in the world forbids the creation of a new state: an authority able to issue such law simply doesn’t exist. The territory of our Duchy isn’t claimed by either Spain or Morocco, or any other state.

Q: Are you recognized?
A: As of now, we aren’t, and for this reason also our documents have no validity outside the Duchy. However, the existence of a state isn’t dependent on whether it’s recognized or not.

Q: If you’re Catholics, why does your Coat of Arms have the Ancient Serpent on it?
A: The serpent on our Coat of Arms is an act of courtesy to the House of Medina Sidonia, the conquerors of Melilla who have seven serpents on their Coat of Arms. Rather than copying a Coat of Arms to which we have no connection, we decided to give it new symbolism and depicted on ours the Ancient Serpent — symbol of the fall of man and of the inclination to sin of all humanity.

Q: How do I obtain citizenship and what benefits does it entail?
A: As of now, citizenship of the Duchy is only granted upon request to the residents of Melilla and Ceuta as well as to Catholic Moroccans living within 25 kilometers from the border. This policy, however, may be subject to change, which will be reflected on our website.

The Duchy of the Two Melillas is, as mentioned above, an unrecognized state, meaning that our documents aren’t recognized either. Citizenship of the Duchy doesn’t entail the right to live, or to enter, the territory of the Kingdom of Spain.

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