Monarchy of the Duchy of the Two Melillas

Monarchy has been a Melillan principle since far before the founding of the State. To us, monarchy is the only alternative to mob rule with democracy, and more importantly it is the system God has proscribed in the Bible. Our rejection of the idea of popular sovereignty places the Monarch in a position with the important burden of the actual care and well-being of their subjects.

Our Duke

Denis (Denis Fernando Alfonso de Todos los Santos) is the present Monarch, reigning since the very foundation of the Duchy in 2018. Because of the size of the Duchy, the Monarch has in theory unrestricted power, however, the Duke rules with the best interests of his people in mind. The Duke is advised by the Privy Council, a body made up of influential citizens who help draft laws and offer their opinion to the Duke when it is solicited. 

Titles and styles

  • 24-10-2018 Present His Highness the Duke of the Two Melillas

The Duke’s style and title in full: His Highness Deniz, By the Grace of God, Duke of the Two Melillas and Keeper of the Secret of the Serpent. The “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera” is often added to this title to allude to the Duke’s other titles like his Sovereignty of the royal orders.

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